On graduating from the National University of Mexico, I worked as an assistant to some of the leading Architects in Mexico City and from 1998 onwards started working as a Freelance Architect and Designer in my own practice. 

My projects include the renovation, restoration and conservation of some historical, late XIX and early XX century buildings as well as commissioned private houses and refurbishment in domestic, commercial and public buildings. In most cases, these projects extended to the interior architecture and design. 

My professional experience includes museography, theatre, film and stage production design, cataloguing of Art Work and curation of art exhibitions.

I have lectured at the Faculty of Architecture from the National University in Mexico and also at the Art Institute of Chicago amongst other Institutions.

My publications include the book "Arquitectura Fantastica" (1991) (Fantastic Architecture of Mexico) plus various other essays on Mexican architecture, introductory texts and articles. I have also illustrated and translated several publications on art and architecture.

I am a keen "Wagnerite" and for many years attended the Bayreuth Festival with delight and pleasure. I have attended  over 30 performances in its magnificent opera house and I consider this as one of the most  extraordinary experiences in my life. 

For personal reasons in 2000, together with my wife and son, I moved to the United Kingdom, where I have worked in Architecture practices first in North East England then in Wales and today in the South West coast of England once again. 

From October 2008 to June 2010, I worked once more in my own practice in Mexico, developing a series of restaurant projects for and with the internationally renowned Chef Martha Ortíz.

I am currently living in England, in the South East in the Poole-Bournemouth area and working for Morgan Carey Architects as the Practice Manager of their two offices located in Wareham and Yeovil.